Our Mission is to build a strong, active & engaging Chicago Tennis Community

We strive to create a fun organization, with a focus on growth, and inclusivity of all players and all levels. We continue to focus on improving the existing league, developing new formats for players to come together with increased playing opportunities. Our hope is to give back to the community by finding ways to improved playing conditions around the city.

Over 75 Years of playing.....

The CPDTA has a long standing history in the Chicago tennis community. For over 75 years the league system has been in-place, offering its members a friendly, competitive atmosphere. 

Men's & Women's Divisions

The Women’s division plays on Saturday mornings and the Men’s on Sundays mornings. The members enjoy that the league is outdoors in beautiful parks around the city, on a consistent day and time each week. The summer league sign-ups are in April. Math play runs through out the summer, concluding with the championships at the end of August.

Get involved

There are lots of opportunities to help grow the organization. 

There are currently 5 committees: Park Relations, Events, Rules, Regulations & Constitution, Communications & Marketing and Membership.

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Meet Our Board of Directors

CPDTA Leadership

Sheila Spade


Sheila is an avid player, captain and organizer within the tennis community. She has cultivated a vast mixed doubles group and various ladies tennis teams over the years. Although she was always an athlete, her love of tennis came only a dozen years ago when she learned how to play. Her love of the ...[more]

Mark Hansen

Vice President

Mark is a spirited player-captain who emphasizes the camaraderie on tour in Chicagoland tennis. He came up as a park district player in the western suburbs and found a calling as a tennis instructor in the early 2000s before moving into journalism and then educational publishing in his career. Mark ...[more]

Jennifer Nemec

Webmaster and (Branding & Communication)

Jennifer is an ardent tennis player and organized captain. She works to continually links players of all levels to playing opportunities. The opportunity to give back to the tennis community and improve the league system for the future is why Jennifer enthusiastically serves on the board of the CPDT ...[more]

Suzanne Demirjian


Suzanne has been playing tennis since she was 12 years old. She has been a high school coach, a captain of many teams, and a long-time member of the CPDTA board. Suzanne is passionate about tennis and CPDTA’s mission of bringing low-cost tennis to the community of Chicago. I am happy to do whatever ...[more]

Stephanie Thompson


Stephanie began taking tennis lessons during the summers growing up but didn't become an avid tennis player until she joined Midtown in 2002. She has played on several park district teams over the years and has captained and played on women's and mixed doubles USTA teams as well. Stephanie recently ...[more]

Erroll Davis

Tournament Chairperson

Erroll has been active in organized tennis for over 40 years. He has had the opportunity to play on and captain several teams throughout the years. Erroll is an avid player and is still playing competitive tournament tennis. He has committed himself to work towards building a better tennis environme ...[more]

Important CPDTA Documents

To keep all players and captains informed, here are the latest CPDTA rules of play in addition to the CPDTA Constitution.  Ideally ensuring 75+ More Years of Playing!

CPDTA Rules Document

View or Download the CPDTA latest Rules.

CPDTA Constitution

View or Download the CPDTA Constitution